Research process“ gives an overview on how the Eur-Agri-SSPs have been developed, while details are presented in the publications section. The Eur-Agri-SSPs Summaries provide brief abstracts and describe a storyline’s major developments of factors with respect to the societal preferences, policies, demand, trade, technology, and natural resources. Furthermore, they summarize the major challenges of the agricultural sector to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change for the five Eur-Agri-SSPs. The summaries serve as introduction to the Eur-Agri-SSPs presented below. We recommend to read these documents first. Storyline elements and directions of change for the five Eur-Agri-SSPs is a tabular representation of storyline elements and facilitates to compare the Eur-Agri-SSPs.

We aim to improve transparency and clarity and list raised comments on the research process and the Eur-Agri-SSPs.

The storylines presented in the sections below are drawn from Supplementary Material I of:

Mitter, H., Techen, A.-K., Sinabell, F., Helming, K., Schmid, E., Bodirsky, B.L., Holman, I., Kok, K., Lehtonen, H., Leip, A., Le Mouël, C., Mathijs, E., Mehdi, B., Mittenzwei, K., Mora, O., Øistad, K., Øygarden, L., Priess, J.A., Reidsma, P., Schaldach, R., Schönhart, M., 2020. Shared Socio-economic Pathways for European agriculture and food systems: The Eur-Agri-SSPs. Global Environmental Change 65, 102159.

Eur-Agri-SSP 1: Agriculture on sustainable paths

Eur-Agri-SSP 2: Agriculture on established paths

Eur-Agri-SSP 3: Agriculture on separated paths

Eur-Agri-SSP 4: Agriculture on unequal paths

Eur-Agri-SSP 5: Agriculture on high-tech paths